The only XPASS mobile app on the market, that uses digital consent to help prevent sexual violence

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The ambition of XPASS is to significantly reduce sexually motivated crimes

XPASS brings awareness to the field of sexual-legal protection. It is based on the principle of non-consent, thus responding to both the trend in Western legislation to provide evidence by the defendant and the growing demand for the provision of evidence in sexual abuse cases.

Application itself includes several platforms

These platforms are the X Alarm service, which informs contact persons in the case of an emergency, the X Foundation, which supports victims of sexual violence, and the non-profit organization X Education, which provides information on law and crime. All these platforms support each other and interact with each other to achieve the widest possible use of the app with maximum protection effect.

On average, thirty-four people are raped every day in the Czech Republic. However, the current definition of rape under Czech law sweeps 90% of these cases off the table. Even if it is rape. The XPASS app helps users protect themselves by giving or not giving digital consent, or helps you by calling for help in an emergency situation.

Alena Sadílková

Founder of XPASS

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How XPASS works?

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